Wisconsin English Language Arts Resources

   Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction curates and creates resources to support purposeful and systematic professional learning around standards-based instruction and assessment.  Personalize your professional learning with these resources that have been extrapolated from Wisconsin Professional Learning on Demand Modules.  To deepen your learning, situate these resources within the larger context of your district-wide professional learning and access Wisconsin Professional Learning on Demand Modules

To determine your entry point into systematic, standards-based professional learning, refer to our All-Staff Professional Learning resource that provides a progression of topics for professional learning. 

WI English Language Arts Foundational Documents




Order a Copy of Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts

Common Core Essential Elements

A Process for Unpacking and Repacking the Standards

Vertical Articulation of CCSS ELA

Cognitive Rigor Matrix

Cognitive Rigor Questions

Language Demand Resource

Behavioral Demand Resource


Instructional Planning


An ELA Tool for Evaluating Standards-Based Curriculum

K-5 Standards Framework

6-12 Standards Framework

Course Plan Template

Unit Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

K-12 Quarter Standards Check



Transfer Goals for English Language Arts

Performance Tasks

WTLC Resource - Jay McTighe Handout 1

WTLC Resource - Jay McTighe Handout 2  

Instruction and Assessment

Text Complexity and Collection of Texts




Close Reading


Text-Dependent Questions

Writing to Learn

WI RtI Center's Classroom Strategies and Practices Bank




K-5 Grade-Level Vocabulary Standards

6-12 Grade-Level Vocabulary Standards

Individual Vocabulary Word Instruction


WI RtI Center's Classroom Strategies and Practices Bank

Writing Speaking and Listening Research


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